Beginning of the end: Feedback from Fall Overview

January 28, 2009

Consider the successful aspects of Listening Post:

1. Multiple viewpoints
a) sequencing
b) phrasing
c) narrative

Rich Expensive
a) complex meaning and understanding of the world
b) sense of multiplicity

Break Listening Post down:
Reflect its strategy and analysis tactics

Break down crisis to its discrete issues (economy, healthcare, etc) to try to create a larger picture of what crisis means = identify this!

Eliciting the overwhelming fear, hype, etc of crisis

Create a taxonomy of different types of crises

Listening Post interview with Ben Rubin:

  • Got as many chat rooms as possible to get a broad range of chat rooms
  • Adapted the project to monitor the activity
  • Very disorganized, misprecise language stream of words, pulls chat rooms apart and puts them together as a form of art
  • About where your imagination goes with the project and how you can imagine the context of the disembodied statements
  • Word sequences in a rotations of sections: each section has its own logic; there’s randomness to certain parts of it, but there is an underlying logic to it
  • “I am” was the number 1 most common first few words of any chat utterance
  • Algorithm scoops phrases and organizes them in order from shortness to longest
  • Another section shows the least frequently occurring words in the last few hours
  • Structured movements to a theatrical degree or like a song, so their structured but build up to some degree
  • Each one has a compositional logic, “i am” starts in center and then builds up randomly and then the whole thing irises back to central screen
  • Others sweep across one direction or the other
  • Started out by wondering what data would be interesting to listen to? treating the language itself as data? count words and perform linguistic analysis
  • Collect masses of text from chatrooms, anaylze it and treat it as data
  • Requires a certain number of messages per day in order to function and be varied
  • Broadly representative of chat rooms

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