Feedback from New Precedents presentation

October 7, 2008

Find and experiment with the data source and filtering of data
– what is in the abstract collective mass
– create a sense of power in how I am filtering the data and what is driving the generative visualization
– identify a balance between the truth to the content and patterns found within the data sources that reveal new meanings that merge and read differently
– work towards the stickiness factor
– keep the artistic style parallel with the poetic influences

Below are the other half of my notes from the feedback from the critique that ended the first prototype round which still feed into what I need to achieve next.

1. research what is happening in the model of the communication space
A) better grasp on the big picture of the manmade process: model of the communication space.
human response in telecommunications is the human feedback > the human feedback causes chaos which leads to a type of physical/tangible global entropy
B) Where is the communication coming from?
C) Massive change is being transparently controlled by the mass of people, such as the many to many communication patterns that are cultivating it’s public response. Therefore, is there a filter between the actual, scientifically proven massive change and the media hype? Through my project, am I becoming the filter between these two sources of information?
D) domains as a linear venn diagram of the input to filter, and filter to output structure of how the system works

2. systems diagram: rethink the structural issues
A) entropy is a closed system, what is the new energy entering the system and how do the environmental conditions of the model change upon
new energy input? a revised diagram of the structural system
B) scenarios of the system > how system is generative?


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