Fall Prototype 1 Presentation – Part 1 Feedback

September 18, 2008

fall prototype 1 presentation

I should experiment with data visualization in general, and separate the visual development from the data development. I should gain a fluency in the possibilities with visualization because I could get unpredictable results depending on the dataset. It was suggested that I should do more iterations and experiments with data visualization because I’m not fluid enough in what I’m after in order to get into the system first, and understand what I’m aiming for. I should be non-literal in what I’m portraying, and to portray the emotion to the viewer and not the specifics – as in, maybe don’t use text as data but get more abstract – to get a result that people would want to look at.  I should look at all things and decide visually and conceptually if its interesting enough to be visualized as a lyrical narrative.

Other feedback…

  • on the right track > the visual language research can be carried out independently form the technical programming side
  • remember what is unique about Tufte’s examples > how the content and data visualization are merged to create a unique output/reading.
  • stick to flowchart structure
  • idea is to aggregate data streams from current feeds (TBD), filter these using parameters that data-mine for lyrical linguistic expression and then develop visual formal/language that combine extracted text in poetic formations
  • there is definitely a lot to do to experiment with how the visual language is output and how this translates or extracts the desired poetic result > this is what you should be building prototypes about while you are learning about data feeds, parsing, data mining, and data visualization.
  • Use this semester to experiment and learn each pf these aspects of the project and how to control the combination of these to each your desired outcome.
  • Each iteration should achieve some new result

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