Week 3 Prototyping

September 16, 2008

Here is what I tried to flush out and apply to my thesis for this week:

A) jump into a dataset or datasets: visualize an existing data stream, transforming it into something meaningful and provocative

B) the prototype could be a lyrical experiment, parallel and organic, or take a human centric, abstract, or a humorous approach with the selected dataset

C) contextualize where the interest in the Mass Change issue is

D) one idea would be to make something happen with the key terms surrounding the Mass Change concept (specifically, from the notes I gathered from 11th Hour movie)

E) possibly look into a dataset that explores what isn’t true about the green movement

G) it was suggested to make something that could propose a different ideology about mass change and the green transition by experimenting with the metaphysics of this issue

F) visualize the concept of entropy with real content while making a model of it with a real data set

G) identify the social contextualization and purpose of the project so that it will be of significant value to society

H) Look at the high level of mass change: instead of looking at one dataset, visualize the massive global event

I) model the dataset components that will be fed to the visualization: find datasets the can be subscribed

J) redesign the information visualization on the data visualization process with my specifically proposed process and dataset

K) create an information architecture diagram of the machine that I could use for this project: a flowchart of the network of applications to be used

L) come up with another thesis brand title and clear, descriptive question

Ultimately I want to be able to stream my data from the web, pulling real time text (as data). At this point this is the most feasible way for me to make my project generative. I also think that this will incorporate the metaphor of the mass change issue (humans are affecting the environmental outcome) to my project in that it will depend on human activity on the web that is expressing the externalities of this issue, to run.

Data options:
1) Words from 11th Hour
Issue: coming up with a dataset that can be generative from more specific terms still relating to climate/oil issue, etc. > more lyrical

2) Aggregations: [ NYTimes, Reuters, BBC, Google ]
Issue: determinant of language: am I exhibiting predictions (will)[ Where we are headed? ], present issue positions (is)?

Aggregations: [ NYTimes, Reuters, BBC, Google ]
“climate change will”
“global warming will(O)”
“oil is”
“oil prices will”
“oil prices are”
“food crisis is”

“oil crisis will__”Google
“cost of oil will” Google is best
“oil prices are affecting”

implementation ideas:
> in the round projection for an immersive experience
> Screen installation with mouse
> layered collage: look for examples

contribution ideas:
> guerilla marketing tactics for contributers
> online campaign
Technical explanation:

Using discrete data sets, how can a lyrical approach to data visualization provoke a shared meaning and understanding of the complex social phenomena surrounding global entropy?

Mimicking a web crawler, I pulled data that came after set phrases and used them for my first prototype. Here is that data:

“climate change will affect”
– the world
– future food availability
– carbon sequestration in oceans
– every american
– what we wear
– your backyard
– us
– species’ distributions and abundance
– Women More Severely Than Men
“food crisis will affect”
– the entire world which developing countries like Ghana will be the worst hit.
– economies, growth, poverty alleviation, and future generations in these countries
– the direction of agriculture research and development in the near term
– Azerbaijan as well
– in certain terms, all developing countries and Georgia is among them.
– the entire world, but that the worst impacts will be felt in Africa and Asia and especially in those developing countries that depend largely on imports for staple foods such as rice.
– a country
– 22 countries
– a country where fat people try to lose lard each night on TV
“oil prices will affect”
– workers in different countries to different levels, and also within the same country, different regions
– non-drivers
– you
– heating costs this winter
– your investments
– airlines
– all sectors in the long run
– how people spend their money
– the whole economy and will affect the prices of everything
– a host of other goods

See my thesis site for the prototype: http://www.katielevitt.com/thesis/thesis.html


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