Progressive thesis “thoughts” journal

September 15, 2008

So…this may sound sorta lame, but I decided to keep a week-to-week journal of the snippets of thoughts I’m starting to have about my thesis topic. Because I’m focusing on a current heated social issue, I wanted to keep a log of the “heated” thoughts I’ve been having on the situation as I delve into my research.

Week 1:

“content and at the same time nervous to be embarking on such a HUGE topic – why do I always do things the hard way? Oh well, there is, indeed, plenty to work with, to say the least. Keeping my mind way, way opened at this point.”

Week 2:

“experiencing an eye opening, but stimulating sense of gloom. i’m starting to have a change of heart on everything i previously accepted as part of everyday life like material wants/needs, grabbing a cup of coffee on-the-go, the ease of disposable behaviors that we all do just because they’re easy and a big point of human living is to make everything we do easier on ourselves. ugh…we are so wasteful. ”

Week 3:

“starting to hit a point of confusion…making progress, but questioning my intentions…

Week 4:

“I need to dive in deeper and get messier, opening up too many cans of worms. “


One comment

  1. alarming is’nt it…can hardly switch on a light without feeling a pang of guilt for the resources involved systemically in the entire process. Such is the same in all aspects of modern life, I am very intimate with that “gloom”, in fact I am floundering everyday with it. I think I’ll explain where my expiriment has gone. I followed similar changes in “real-ity,” and progressed into a state of depression and loss, later on due to an extreme amount of pressure, I discovered it nescessary to abandoon life in the infrastructure and live “off-the-grid.”
    As this process continued I began to become angered at the fact that people are disassociated with the planet and the affect of the actions they make as individuals. Actions speak louder than words, and I am living in hypocracy. What makes this experiance difficult is my age, being a minor I am not granted freedoms of conduct, etc. And without a career or livlihood I do not have the practical and coverntional means to “escape this sinking ship.” This stranded me in indescision, sitting comfortably in volentary captivity. So, no I sit with years of “time” waiting either for the world to collaopse in upon itself, and the environmental reprocussions to strike humanity, or for us to “get on board”, but alas that future appears bleak, as “actions speak louder than words.”

    I would love to speak with you thropugh messaging, as we are sharing a social expiriment.
    my address is elijahcalifornia@hotmail.com

    Farewell, Elijah Z
    p.s. sorry for the copious typos 🙂

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