Mass Change – text data from 11th Hour movie

September 9, 2008

  • disharmony
  • superior lifeform
  • selfishness
  • waste
  • irreputable damage
  • greed factor in human civilization
  • not in tune with nature
  • why aren’t we responding?
  • what are the forces that are blocking change?
  • progress means nature was an eternally abundant resource
  • oil & agriculture caused population growth
  • ancient sunlight created fossil fuels
  • find harmony between people and nature
  • non-renewable energy sources must be the anchor of the system now
  • global disturbance
  • magnified human race inside ecology
  • more caution
  • human actions lead to chemical imbalance in atmosphere
  • approaching climate tipping point; the loss of control
  • environmental refugees
  • figure out how to change human ways
  • convergence of crises all of which are concern for life
  • every living system in biosphere is at a rate of decline, not stable or improving
  • planet is seamless
  • no “away” from pollution

  • asthma is a result of pollution
  • ocean crisis means that we’re taking too much out of it and putting too much in
  • nature does stuff for us for nothing
  • not a technologoy, carbon dioxide problem, waste, or warming problem; the problem is the way we are thinking,
  • this illness is fundamentally a cultural problem
  • when ecological disasters are covered they are depicted by the media as isolated incidents
  • culture tells us that we are the superior lifeform on earth
  • our minds like to think that we’re separate from nature
  • we are living in disharmony with planet
  • our attitudes are based on selfishness due to the economic situation and politics
  • problem initiated by the industrial revolution
  • oil has caused the need to sustain complexity and solve problems
  • oil has caused poisoned food leading to less and less of it, making it more unhealthy to swim in oceans
  • trees that are removed on edge of dry areas spreads desert
  • oil crisis externalities are asthma rates growing in US, acid rain by burning coal, global warming, epidemic of prostate and breast cancers, and part of costs of keeping troops to safeguard oil assets
  • causes suspects agents that promote health disorders: epidemic of prostate and breast cancers – exposure to chemicals could contribute to this growing list
  • global warming externalities are hurricanes, permafrost melting, 15 million environmental refugees, the arctic will be ice free towards end of decade…
  • problem is that people don’t make those linkage if we destroy forests on mountains the trees dont stop fluid and rains become irregular and the crops dont grow
  • fossil fuel cycle is the death based cycle of dependency on extraction of resources
  • in the modern globalized world growth is main focus of government but growth is leading towards destruction of the biosphere
  • government has range of solutions for putting in place a sustainable economy, but the planet institution that powers corporate feud trumps the majority
  • reponse goes to the higher power because it goes to fuel economy
  • it’s not crisis of technology or public opinion, it’s the bridge across the chasm of public opinion to public policy and government
  • the bridge is in disrepair
  • entropic issue is that the global economic system is a subsystem of economy and then a subsystem of the biosphere, the parent system –  the parent system doesnt grow, it stays the same side
  • What are the forces that are blocking change?
  • Greatest weapon of mass destruction is corporate economic globalization
  • economists dont include what nature does for us
  • too much money in the political system
  • waste making system
  • commodities become cultural systems
  • we’re causing an extinction crisis right now
  • people now trying to mimic nature in production
  • not alot of TIME left
  • sun is the most bountiful substitute we have today
  • all people making change adds up to something meaningful
  • everyday as you buy something and you vote for what happens to it

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  1. I saw your article, I think that’s good article. from here I got more information. thanks ya..

    you’re beautiful.. 🙂

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