Major Studio: Interactive – Example of “Good Interaction Design”

January 24, 2008



Three reasons why this is an example of “good interaction design”:

1. It has an endearing visual design (with no ads! major plus!) with a childlike familiarity that increases curiosity, and acts like a virtual playground with a lot going on at the same time, but is not difficult to navigate and learn. It’s not only visually interactive, but it also gives off auditory cues depending on what activity has just occurred on the site (whether a member has logged in, a comment has been posted, or someone has invited you to play a game). You don’t have to be sitting in front of computer to still be actively getting information on the site.

2. Provides many tools and ways to interact with other members through conversations, commentary on news stories, and by playing games with users that you aren’t friends with just for the sake of interacting with other members and learning something about them. For example, users can create games and draw pictures to be shared with other friends on the site. Practically every graphic and picture on the site is interactive in some way.

3. Maintains and promotes a definitive culture that members contribute to and ultimately become a part of. Tagline for the site is “people watching on the internet”. It makes it easy to interact with people who are just on the site to have fun and play around with simple interactive tools because it actively encourages users to do so. Humor plays a big part in the site and helps maintain the culture of the online community. There isn’t a fear that there are creepy cyber stalkers on the site because you don’t have to post any personal information about yourself, aside from things that you want to reveal like what you like, are interested in, or off-beat facts about yourself, to become a member. There isn’t any pressure to join any groups or be indundated with public awareness compaigns, like on Facebook or MySpace.

And if that’s not enough, here are some more screen shots to entice you to check out the ever distracting site:





*disclaimer: Please note that I am not liable for any decrease in your work productivity or real world social life that you may experience after joining this online community


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