Major Studio: Interface – Final Project

December 21, 2007

Exposing the Influence and Culture of Online News Through Data Visualization


My final project for Major Studio: Interface is an online news aggregator widget service that graphically visualizes the supply and demand of news through a feed that generates top news from the largest news organizations of the Associated Press and Reuters, and a feed that generates from major online tabloids to comparatively show the activity of these two feeds that heavily generate popular news. The goal of this project is to visually show the activity between what news is being read the most online and what news it being generated the most prolifically online through a programmed widget that sits on a computer desktop and serves to tell the user this information without opening a web browser and searching the web.
It is not made to open the debate on what is newsworthy, but to visually measure the activity of these two feeds and show what people are turning to as news at any given moment.

Click to download Word doc of my final paper



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  1. Awesome design

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