Interface Final Project: Stage 2 – Research

November 20, 2007

venn diagram plus research

Anonymous. Decades of Historic NBC News Archives Released in HotChalk’s Digital Learning Environment Engages Students in Active Learning:Online Tool Features Over Sixty Years of Historic NBC News Archives. PR Newswire. New York:Aug 14, 2007.
– This article talks about a new educational multimedia resource provided by NBC that allows students to explore archives of news coverage that will help for various school courses. This is a good explanation of positive ways news is used for educational and learning purposes, and encourages younger students to be actively aware of what is going on in their world today and in the past. This could definitely be a guide to formulating news streams in a way that makes them more of an educational resource.

Delaney, Kevin J. and LaVallee, Andrew. Google News Offers Rebuttal Time; Articles’ Subjects, Sources Allowed to Post Comments; Verifying Identity an Issue
Wall Street Journal. (Eastern Edition). New York, N.Y.: Aug 9, 2007. p. B.2
– This article discusses how Google would like to let news organizations post Google collected comments about articles on news organizations own individual Web sites. This provides an interesting perspective on the interactive aspect of online news resources.
Frankel, Max. Word & Image: What’s New. New York Times. (Late Edition (east Coast)). New York, N.Y.:Jun 18, 1995. p. A.20
– This article talks about the growing separation between “older” methods of news reporting and the steadfast modern methods of interactive news sources, and how because the news can be reported at real-time speeds, the competition for news reporting is growing and many sources are being overcome by online news streams. This information will be helpful in evaluating what news sources are the most widely used and why.

Garofoli, Joe. User-news sites offer more diverse stories, sources
San Francisco Chronicle. San Francisco, Calif.: Sep 12, 2007. p. A.3
– This article explains that interactive news sites can display a wide range of stories covered at once which shows the appeal to many users, unlike television and newspapers which initially focus on one or two main stories upon first glance. This helps give a positive analysis of this type of news streaming.

Grossman, Ben. Why ‘TMZ’ Just Might Work. Broadcasting & Cable. New York:Jul 30, 2007. Vol. 137, Iss. 30, p. 15
– This article explains that although the success of TMZ.com and TMZ TV solely focuses on celebrity gossip and news, there are many other sites out there doing the same thing and people are continuously wanting to know the latest news on celebrities. It’s a resource that’s highly demanded by many users. This is more back-up information for my investigation into why people often only follow celebrity news on a regular basis.

Hubbard, Caroline. Nschool strikes deal with CNN for Web content. Atlanta Business Chronicle. Atlanta: Oct 08, 1999. Vol. 22, Iss. 18, p. 3A
– A company that creates web sites for schools has collaborated with CNN to put CNN provided news (CNN Interactive) on their sites. This very much supports the idea of my project, in how it explains as a way to incorporate news into sites that appeal to specific audiences and will encourage and be a part of the education of those sites.

Industry News Media Relations. PR News. Potomac: Jun 22, 1998. Vol. 54, Iss. 24, p. 1

Jeff Wisniewski, Fichter, Darlene. Saying It Visually. Online. Medford:Nov/Dec 2007. Vol. 31, Iss. 6, p. 57-60 (4 pp.)
– This article talks about the ever-growing need for visually pleasing graphics and interactivity in informational sites visited regularly, and how the design of these sites needs to keep up with the amount of information filtered through and create a positive interactive experience for users. This article provides important information for me to consider for my project regarding the best ways for interaction design to be incorporated into news resources

Kennedy, Randy. News Flows, Consciousness Streams: The Headwaters of a River of Words. New York Times. (Late Edition (east Coast)). New York, N.Y.:Oct 25, 2007. p. E.5

– Talks about a permanant installation called Moveable Type that draws from news reported from the New York Times. The news is filtered through an algorithm and creates a dynamic porttrait of The Times through random selection of words.

Maramushi News Map
– This is an interactive treemap visualization that reflects the constant change of the Google News aggregator. It displays the cross-culture of news reporting constantly changing all over the world, and demonstrates the visual relationship between data and patterns in news media. It’s a prime example of how interactive design is incorporated into a new way of reporting the news around the world, all on one solo interface.

Noack, David. Read any good radio lately? Editor & Publisher. mediainfo.com.
New York: Jun 1997. p. 12-14+ (3 pp.)

– This article talks about how some news radio stations web sites started to print their radio shows in the late 90’s. This  allowed these stations web sites to look more and more like news sites, and soon became part of the basis for interactivity of news web sites. 

Powers, William. But Seriously. National Journal. Washington: Oct 6, 2007. Vol. 39, Iss. 40, p. 80 (1 pp.)
– This article demonstrates a quick overview of how so much of the important news losing out to trivial journalism. This gives a more in depth view to what is happening with the news today and may help me evaluate how to filter and visually arrange news subjects that will be targeted with my project.

Similar Diversity
– This is an information graphic made with Processing and VVVV that visualizes the holy books of Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Judaism. The artwork of this graphic evokes works on an emotional level in the way that the domains illustrated by the religious holy books intersect with one another, that inspires viewers to consider their religious prejudices and conflicts. This same project could possibly be done with several domains of news coverage, and could show the cross coverage of what subjects the news sources that are considered to be reliable news sources are covering over a particular time period.


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