Interface Final Project: Stage 1- Exploring Domains

November 15, 2007

1. What’s news and what isn’t?

2. Why is there so much emphasis on celebrity gossip news than on what’s truely impactful news?

  • Why does the press put shocking celebrity news (i.e. Paris Hilton’s time in jail, or the death of Anna Nicole Smith) ahead of other more serious and less frivolous news stories that would put more impact on our lives?
  • Why do most people know everything about the latest celebrity gossip and less about our government activity and leaders?
  • Is there a cognitive reason why most people are more attracted to frivolous current events than those that are more serious?
  • Over-exposed and produced talent
  • Entertainment business overproducing entertainment
  • People listen to when celebrities expose themselves as activists and support an important news topic or campaign

3. How does design and technology make us more aware of and/or influenced by current events?

  • Blogs [Jossip]
  • RSS feeds
  • Mobile web
  • Podcasting

The Venn Diagram below illustrates the domains to be explored individually, in comparison, and conjunction with each other:

final venn diagram


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