Value Fictions Part II

September 18, 2007

A Study of Shape, Structure, and Utility Looking at the toothbrush from a different perspective:  Toothbrust_25 Toothbrush_24 Toothbrush_10Toothbrush_12 Toothbrush_13 Toothbrush_11Toothbrush_10 Toothbrush_7 Toothbrush_8 Toothbrush_14 Toothbrush_15  Toothbrush_4 Toothbrush_3 Toothbrush_2 Toothbrush_16  toothbrush_27 toothbrush_28 toothbrush_29 toothbrush_30  toothbrush_31 toothbrush_32 toothbrush_33  toothbrush_35 toothbrush_34  toothbrush_36How to Create Your Own Toothbrush Toothbrush_17       The Structure  Toothbrush_18   A Shapely Comparison  Toothbrush_1\ 



  1. Katie,
    I think what you’ve done with the toothbrush is brilliant. I especially enjoy the chopstick.

  2. i really like your comparison of the shape of the toothbrush being a feminine-like object. i also like how you used it as shoe horn (is that what those things are called???). your photos are really good and made me think more of the shape and ‘design’ of the toothbrush rather than its actual function. not to mention that placing a bright colorful toothbrush in curious places is really cute!

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